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Four Factors a Manufacturer, Importer or Retailer Must Consider
when Deciding Whether to Outsource Their Warehouse Logistic Functions to a Third-Party Logistics Provider (3PL)

Focus on Core Competencies

Companies profit from focusing on their basic business and the area of their greatest expertise, such as manufacturing, importing and/or sale of their products. Few companies are experts in warehousing and distribution but Third Party Logistics companies (3PL) are. Manufacturers, importers and retailers who develop a strong relationship with dependable regional 3PL’s simplify their supply chain management, improve their ability to deliver products to their customers when needed, and reduce transportation costs.

Give Your Company a Competitive Advantage

Working with a third party logistics (3PL) company can give your company a significant advantage in your supply chain management when selling outside of your own geographic region.


Flexibility With Warehouse Space and Labor - Pay For Only What You Need
Manufacturers, importers and retailers whose business is seasonal can scale their warehouse space, labor and transportation to provide full support during the peak months of their business while cutting back on the services during slower months.


Increase On-Time Performance and Efficiency
By warehousing inventory closer to your customers you can ensure inventory is delivered to your customer’s shelves when it’s needed while still managing costs.


Transportation Savings
Due to the volume of freight they handle and their ability to leverage load consolidation and unique backhaul opportunities, 3PL’s can offer significant savings on transportation costs.

Expertise in Regional Markets

Regional 3PL’s have expertise in their markets.

Most regional 3PL’s have been in business in their local markets for many years. The warehousing and distribution experience gained throughout those years is a key component to any successful operation. It is common to see employees work for the same 3PL company for 20-30 years. United Warehouses, has operated as a regional 3PL since 1948. Many of our employees have worked for us for over two decades.


In-Depth Knowledge of the Market
Knowledge of local real estate markets, labor conditions, transportation options, and consignee delivery requirements are integral factors to provide timely, cost-effective regional service.

State of the Art Technology

Using a warehouse management system, RF scanning, and other state-of-the-art inventory tracking technologies gives logistics managers 24/7 online access to complete inventory information. Inventory visibility and control on this level gives logistics managers the real-time data needed to make effective supply chain management decisions. Online EDI functionality saves time and streamlines order processing.


Request a quote or contact us to learn how a Seattle / Portland regional 3PL can help your company reduce logistics expenses and simplify putting your inventory on your customer shelves. You will receive a custom proposal tailored to your logistics requirements.