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Seattle and Portland Warehousing

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Count on On-Time Delivery with a Fleet of 40 Trucks
Ready to Deliver Your Inventory

We have a 40-truck fleet is ready to deliver your inventory locally plus a freight forwarding company to deliver your inventory to Alaska.


Convenience and simplicity - fulfill your distribution and transportation needs in one step.
Ensure accurate delivery - we have complete control over truck scheduling. You’ll never have to coordinate with third party trucking schedules.
Real-time inventory status 24/7 from the moment we receive your inventory until we deliver it to your customer. Check stock levels, check inventory details, place orders, track, and access reports.

Warehousing your inventory in the Pacific Northwest’s population centers near major freeways, ports, and rail lines ensures smooth logistics at every step.

Herche Transfer

All 40 trucks in our transportation division are dedicated to providing reliable, on-time delivery for United Warehouses customers, up and down Washington State’s I-5 corridor, from Eugene, Oregon to the Canadian border.

Receive quality service and competitive rates
Present a polished image for your brand
Strengthen relationships your customers with deliveries which meet your customers’ requirements; it’s likely that we alreadyhave a working relationship with your customers.
TL and LTL service
Refrigerated trucks
Same day delivery
Access to all national carriers

Alaska Traffic Company

Our sister company, Alaska Traffic Company, provides freight forwarding and consolidation between Alaska and other points in the US for all types of freight via ship, barge, and truck. Many companies use this convenient service.


Request a quote or contact us today about how using our transportation services can ensure the supply-chain success of all of your goods. You will receive a custom proposal tailored to your distribution requirements with rates guaranteed for 18 months.